Mismanagement (and other stuff you might be curious about)


Executive Committee:

Idiot in Charge: Sloppy Stool

Person making sure the money is safe: Dr. Ivanna On A Top

Legal and Liaison Local: Big Akula

Hares and RA Cajoler: Big Akula

Art and Design: Remote Control


The following Mismanagement Positions are confirmed, names to assigned as schedule commitment requires.

  • Communication
  • ICT
  • Registration
  • Transportation
  • Venue & Security
  • Food & Beverages
  • Entertainment
  • Goodie Bags

Volunteer Pool:

If you wish to join the membership pool, email to EU21volunteer@gmail.com


Payment by PayPal to be announced End of September or earlier pending legalization - PLEASE DO NOT SEND PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL UNTIL WE CONFIRM IT'S OKAY TO DO SO!


Smart Letenky Travel of Prague.

Stay Tuned for contact information and program for additional stay, travel, discounts and tours.

Smart is a licensed Travel Agency working with individuals and groups around the world, offering discounts to everyone coming to visit Eurohash in Prague. Note, this is seperate to any official Pre- or Post-Lubes that may be announced later!

Eurohash 2021 Mascot

Krtek – Czech Cartoon Mole from 1956 that is the leading Cartoon and Mascot for Czech Republic.


  1. Accounting by Process Solutions s.r.o. of Prague Czech Republic
  2. Legal Entity Eurohash Prague 2021 not for profit organization Registration – to be provided ASAP
  3. Travel License by Sponsor Smart Letenky Travel of Prague
  4. Annual independent audit to be published 30 days from review