Local Pre and Post Weekend Events

On this page you will find information about events organised in and around Prague for those people who are either arriving a few days early or leaving a few days late. If you wish to book accommodation at the Hash Venue for a few days either side of the weekend, you are welcome to do so when registering.

Of course you may not know when you register that you can spend those extra days in Prague - no problem. Just send an email to our dedicated 'Rooms' imps any time up to a month before the event, and they will take care of it - see details on the Contacts page.

If you do decide to arrive early or stay a few extra days, you're obviously going to want to have something to do with your time, so we'll be organising daily events in the week before and the week after the Euro Hash weekend. These will be posted in the run up to the event as soon as we have details of them.

Once we have an idea of how many people will be arriving early/staying longer we'll be able to plan events accordingly. But expect at least one event per day in the few days before and after Euro Hash in Prague.

Or of course you could just go and walk around town and do your own thing if you prefer - Prague is stunning with or without someone giving you a guided tour!