Frequently Asked Questions

When is Euro Hash in Prague?

Prague Euro Hash will take place from Thursday August 19th to Sunday August 22nd in the year of our Drunken Lord 2021!

Where will I sleep?

We will have 700 beds in private, 2 bed-rooms with shared bathrooms. There may be a possibility of more rooms becoming available closer to the time, so even if you miss initial registration you still have a chance on the wait-list.

And where is the venue?

The venue is at the same location as the rooms - we'll have a huge marquee tent in the area near the main accommodation building. This is so we don't have to waste valuable drinking time shipping you around town to a massive nightclub that will overcharge you for shitty beer!

How much does it cost?

Cost is 250 Euros per person if paid before December 31st 2019, rising to 280 Euros per person until April 30th 2020, and 300 Euros per person thereafter. 

NOTE: If you aren't one of the first 700 people to register and extra beds become available in a few months you will still get a chance to pay the early bird price - we wont make you pay extra until you've at least had a chance to pay the initial rate!

What do I get for my money?

All the beer, wine and soft drinks you can manage, automatic registration to the Red Dress Run (a minimum 20 Euros per person will be donated to charity from your event registration fee, so no need for seperate registration), dinner Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Breakfast Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and Lunch on Saturday, three nights accommodation, transport to and from trails, haberdashery, other secret stuff that I didn't decide on yet, and all the other usual Hash weekend stuff.

How do I get to Prague?

Prague is right in the center of Europe, so it's easy to get to whether coming by plane, train or automobile. So if you're coming from a long distance away and want to spend a few days in Vienna or Budapest or Bratislava or Munich or Dresden or Berlin before or after, it will be super easy to do so.

Where will the trails be?

The trails will be in, around, or at least fairly close to, Prague. Actual trail info is unknown at the moment, but we have many spectacular areas to play with when it comes to shiggy and scenery

Who is responsible for this event?

This event is being organised by Sloppy Stool only, NOT the Prague Hash House Harriers. Any questions, queries, complaints, or gratuities because you had an amazing time shold be sent directly to him and him alone.

That being said, as we get closer to the event other people will be brought on board to take care of specific tasks, and as and when that happens there will be a 'Meet the Team' page added to this site so you can all see exactly who is responsible for which part of the weekend. Initial planning and overall organisational responibility will still fall on the shoulders of Sloppy Stool though.

I registered, but didn't get an email yet. Is there a problem?

There is no problem, just a delay in processing registrations due to me wanting to have a life as well. If you haven't heared anything after a couple of days though, please email me at so we can double check there wasn't a typo in the email address.

Why am I being asked to send money to a personal bank account?

I looked into the option of setting up a company specifically for this event. Unfortunately the up-front costs for this are in the region of 10,000 Euros - money I don't have lying around and a cost I don't want to pass onto you guys. So it's my personal account, but it's an account that is ONLY used for Hash events and is with an entirely different bank to the one I actually use on a day to day basis for my own expenses paid for by my proper job.

Okay, we trust you aren't about to rip us off. But what if you get hit by a bus?

There are a couple of VERY trusted people that have access to the account in the event something happens to me. The Power of Attourney they have is limiting though and they cannot spend the money on anything other than this event, and in the event there is money left over after the event it will be forwarded to whoever is responsible for the next Eurohash to get them started.

What else should be here?

If you think I'm missing something from this list, please email me at and I'll happily answer any questions people have.